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Show release notes for v2.5.0

In this release:

  • Trash feature to restore deleted content
  • Hide expand button in Nodes tree when Node has no children
  • Add multiple Nodes at the same time
  • Select default Issue template
  • Improved Project Validation error messages
  • Performance upgrades (Russian doll caching)
  • Add-on enhancements:
    • Updated Acunetix plugin to include CVSSv3 scores
    • Updated Nessus plugin to accomodate Severity Recasting
    • Updated Nmap plugin Services table and NSE data
  • New add-ons:
    • Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) upload
  • Word reports:
    • Filter Evidence content controls
  • Bugs fixed: #215, #256, #268, #327, #334, #336, #337, #338, #340