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Show release notes for v2.7.0

In this release:

  • New Excel exporter
  • New Report Content page for custom document properties
  • v2 Methodology Admin templates
  • Methodology actions included in the activity feed
  • Independent scrolling for Methodology Lists
  • User profile image in the navbar
  • Word reports:
    • IssueCounters nested in Nodes work as expected.
    • New EvidenceCounter content controls.
    • Fixed handling of array properties
  • Add-on enhancements:
    • Improved the Qualys plugin data representation
    • Updated the Nexpose plugin with Evidence templates
    • Improved the Nexpose plugin parsing issues
    • Added mouseover details to the CVSSv3 calculator
    • Improved to the Dradis Plugins Content Service
    • Fixed Dradis Plugins import for extremely long descriptions
  • Fix plugin upload and export thor task errors
  • Bugs fixed: #119, #347